Urban Wellness Workshops

1 Day Workshops, 8-Week Workshops, Half Day Workshops

The 8-week and 1 day Urban Wellness Workshops are for anyone who wants to improve and maintain their well-being.

We share the key ingredients to psychological well-being in this informative and comprehensive workshop.

We’ll explain what effects our mental health and give practical suggestions about how to maximize your mental health. Mental wellbeing is the cornerstone of many aspects of our lives, such as:

Feeling self-confident

Feeling and expressing a healthy range of emotions

Feeling engaged with the world around you

Living and working productively

Coping with the stresses of daily life and managing times of change and uncertainty


All workshops are held at central, accessible locations in Barcelona.


Each workshop is open to 6-10 participants.

All can benefit from Mindfulness in Barcelona’s Wellness Workshop: mothers, fathers, hipsters, corporate types, young and old.

If you are experiencing severe anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, we do not recommend this workshop.


The workshop will be conducted in English by a native English speaking Psychologist.