Modern Mindfulness Workshops

1 Day Workshops, 8-Week Workshops, Half Day Workshops, Private Workshops

How can we find calm in Barcelona? How can we meditate to the sound of a jack hammer?

If you’ve been meaning to be mindful but never get around to it, now’s a great time to start.

We won’t be requiring you to develop a full-blown 40 minute sitting meditation practice (although a long, daily sitting practice is an ideal form of mindfulness).

If you are too busy, then we will be offering you modern mindfulness tools, adapted from classical mindfulness practice to suit busy people.

These Modern Mindfulness Workshops will be offered in half-day, 1 day and 8 week formats

We will teach you how to strengthen and direct your attention to what IS calm in an urban environment, starting with something we are all experts in – breathing. We won’t stop with the breath.

We will then introduce you to numerous unexpected ways to practice mindfulness in as many, or as few, moments as you see fit in your busy day.

While washing the dishes

While interacting with work colleagues, strangers on the street, your partner or children

While waiting in line, stuck in traffic or in a crowd

While walking to work or in the Metro

While on the computer, emailing, texting or on the phone

While waiting for the red light to turn green

And beyond this, we’ll offer you information about our secret havens of calm in Barcelona to explore to help make it even easier for you to cultivate peace within the confines of the metropolis.

After all, cities are not the foes of a calm life. Mindfulness arises from within so what’s needed is a Modern Mindfulness – a refined approach to mindfulness that works with your life in Barcelona.


All workshops are held at central, accessible locations in Barcelona.


Each workshop is open to 6-10 participants.

All can benefit from Mindfulness: mothers, fathers, hipsters, corporate types, young and old. If you are experiencing severe anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, we do not recommend this workshop.


Mindfulness in Barcelona workshops are run in English by a native English speaking Psychologist