Gratitude Workshops

1 Day Workshops, Half Day Workshops, Private Workshops

Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful, especially when we’re in the thick of stressful life events and negative emotions but gratitude is worth cultivating for its many benefits.

Why gratitude? Practising an attitude of appreciation, saying ‘thanks’ for things in our lives, especially those mundane things we take for granted as well as amazing moments, helps to promote our ability to ‘see’ the positive things in our lives and creates a greater sense of connectedness with others. .

Research shows that gratitude helps us recover more quickly from negative emotional states and has a host of physical, social, and psychological benefits.

In Mindfulness in Barcelona Gratitude Workshops we will be exploring positive emotions, such as gratitude, and how to cultivate them in our lives to produce greater well-being and, a better world.

You will learn several practices, including how to say thanks to maximize its benefits for you and others.


All workshops are held at central, accessible locations in Barcelona.


Each workshop is open to 6-10 participants.

All can benefit from Mindfulness in Barcelona’s Gratitude Workshops: mothers, fathers, hipsters, corporate types, young and old.

If you are experiencing severe anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, we do not recommend this workshop.


The Mindfulness in Barcelona workshops will be in English, facilitated by a native English Psychologist