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“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn

About Mindfulness in Barcelona

Urban Barcelona is the sixth most populous city in the European Union.The chaos and energy of Barcelona offer many opportunities to be stressed, yet little time for the development of a formal mindfulness practice as an antidote.

Cities are not the foes of a calm life. Mindfulness arises from within, but how do we find it if we don't have time to sit still?

At Mindfulness in Barcelona, we teach modern mindfulness practices - a refined approach to mindfulness that works with your life in Barcelona.

Taking from the Urban Mindfulness movement, which started in New York, Mindfulness in Barcelona offers tools for a modern, secular mindfulness practice for busy people.

The principle of "short-time, many-times" is the central teaching and consists of classical mindfulness practices adapted to the realities of time-poor life in a metropolis.

English speaking people come to Mindfulness in Barcelona workshops to learn how to find pockets of peace in the whirlwind of their daily lives.

We also share 'secret' spots that are havens of peace within the confines of Barcelona. 

We won't ask you to 'sit' for 20-40 minutes a day, but we will offer you unexpected ways to find calm in your busy life. 

We also offer workshops in Urban Wellness and Gratitude. Private Workshops are available on request.


Some Benefits of Mindfulness

To Be Fully Present & Alive
To really experience our life We know we are alive by experiencing life; not just by thinking about it, but by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and feeling.
For Psychological Health
More well-being, less depressionResearch shows that exercising mindful attention enhances important regions of the brain associated with increases in positive emotions as well as quicker recovery from negative ones. (Davidson 2004)
Enhanced Connection
To have quality time with ourselves, our families, & the world around Mindfulness Practices show increases in interpersonal skills and quality of relationships (Siegel 2007).
For Physical Health
Reduction in stress & enhanced immunityResearch by Kabat-Zinn et al shows Mindfulness reduces subjective states of suffering (especially chronic pain), improves immune function and accelerates healing.

Workshop Facilitator


I'm a working mother who, like most urban dwellers, struggles to find the time to 'sit' for long periods to engage in a formal mindfulness practice. For this reason, I practice modern mindfulness, integrating present centred awareness in creative ways to find small pockets of peace and connectedness. My favourite ways? Intentionally paying attention to podcasts and clients; being present with my son; blowing bubbles on the balcony; and mindful walks focused on Barcelona architecture (on the school run).

Leigh Matthews (1977) is the director and Psychologist at Therapy in Barcelona, where she offers evidence-based therapy for English speaking expats and travellers.

Leigh has been applying Mindfulness Based CognitiveTherapy in psychological practice for 10 years. Her personal mindfulness study and practice spans some 15 years, beginning in Sydney with John Barter and then, John Michelis at White Tara School House. Later she took a one year spiritual retreat in 2004 with Christopher Wright at the Surya Sewana Centre in Northern NSW, Australia. There she also practiced Pancha Tanmantra, a Shaolin based non-combative martial art which incorporates Qigong, a form of “moving meditation” that uses rhythmic physical movements to focus and center the mind.

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"It’s the same city, only our minds have changed. With mindfulness, we can slowly shift the balance from discontent to appreciation and enjoyment.” - Tessa Watt

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